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Language, Truth, and Logic to Love You Forever
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Title Author
Language, Truth, and Logic Alfred J. Ayer
Languages of Pao, The Jack Vance
Last Battle, The C.S. Lewis
Last Command, The Timothy Zahn
Last Guru, The Daniel Pinkwater
Last Unicorn, The Peter S. Beagle
Lathe of Heaven, The Ursula K. LeGuin
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1, The Alan Moore
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 2, The Alan Moore
Learning Perl Randal Schwartz
Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman
Left Hand of Darkness, The Ursula K. LeGuin
Lemonade Trick, The Scott Corbett
Life of Pi Yann Martel
Life on the Mississippi Mark Twain
Life, the Universe, and Everything Douglas Adams
Light Ages, The Ian R. MacLeod
Light Fantastic, The Terry Pratchett
Light in the Attic, A Shel Silverstein
Light of Other Days, The Arthur C. Clarke
Lilith's Brood Octavia Butler
Lion of Comarre, The Arthur C. Clarke
Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The C.S. Lewis
Literature Lover's Book of Lists: Serious Trivia for the Bibliophile Judie L.H. Strouf
Little Engine That Could, The Watty Piper
Little House in the Big Woods Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little Mermaid, The Hans Christian Andersen
Little Prince, The Antoine St. Exupery
Little Schemer, The Daniel P. Friedman
Little Town on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder
Littles and the Trash Tinies, The John Peterson
Littles Go Exploring, The John Peterson
Littles Have a Wedding, The John Peterson
Littles' Scrapbook: A Facsimile Reproduction of Pages from a Tiny Person's Book, Enlarged Six Times, The John Peterson
Littles, The John Peterson
Lizard Music Daniel Pinkwater
Logan's Run William F. Nolan
Lolita Vladimir Nabokov
Long Mynd, The Edward P. Hughes
Long Winter, The Laura Ingalls Wilder
Long, Dark Tea Time of the Soul Douglas Adams
Look to Windward Iain Banks
Lorax. The Dr. Seuss
Lord Foul's Bane Stephen Donaldson
Lord of the Flies William Golding
Lost Continent, The Bill Bryson
Lost World, The Arthur Conan Doyle
Love Among the Chickens P.G. Wodehouse
Love You Forever Robert Munsch
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