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Giving Tree, The to Helliconia Summer
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Title Author
Giving Tree, The Shel Silverstein
Glass Elevator, The Roald Dahl
Goblin Market and other poems Christina Rossetti
God Emperor of Dune Frank Herbert
Gods of Pegana, The Lord Dunsany
Gods of Riverworld Philip Jose Farmer
Golden Apples of the Sun, The Ray Bradbury
Golden Compass, The Philip Pullman
Golem in the Gears Piers Anthony
Golem, The Barbara Rogasky
Good Omens Neil Gaiman
Gorga, The Space Monster (Choose Your Own Adventure, No. 5) E. Packard
Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, The Erma Bombeck
Greasy MAD stuff MAD Magazine
Great Brain, The John D. Fitzgerald
Great Expectations Charles Dickens
Green Eggs and Ham Dr. Seuss
Green Hills of Earth, The Robert Heinlein
Green Mile, The Stephen King
Grendel John Champlin Gardner
Grim Grotto Lemony Snicket
Guards! Guards! Terry Pratchett
Guerila Warfare Che Guevara
Guide to Getting It On!, The Paul Joannides
Gulliver's Travels Jonathon Swift
Gunslinger, The Stephen King
Half-Blood Prince, The J.K. Rowling
Halloween Tree, The Ray Bradbury
Hamlet William Shakespeare
Han Solo Trilogy Brian Daley
Happy Birthday to You Dr. Seuss
Hard Sell Piers Anthony
Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World Haruki Murakami
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone J.K. Rowling
Hatchet Gary Paulsen
Have Spacesuit, Will Travel Robert Heinlein
Head First Javascript Michael Morrison
Heads You Win, Tails I Lose Isabelle Holland
Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad
Heaven Cent Piers Anthony
Heaven Makers, The Frank Herbert
Heaven or Heresy : A History of the Inquisition Thomas Madden
Heir to the Empire Timothy Zahn
Helliconia Spring Brian Wilson Aldiss
Helliconia Summer Brian Wilson Aldiss
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