Books by National Geographic Society
1. Amazing Animals of Australia (Books for World Explorers)
2. Computers Those Amazing Machines (Books for World Explorers)
3. Exploring Your Solar System (Books for World Explorers)
4. Giants from the Past: The Age of Mammals
5. How Things Work (Books for World Explorers, Series 4; No. 5)
6. Messengers to the Brain: Our Fantastic Five Senses
7. Our Amazing Animal Friends (Books for Young Explorers)
8. Science: It's Changing Your World (Books for World Explorers Series 6: No. 3)
9. Small Inventions That Make a Big Difference (Books for World Explorers Series 5 No. 2)
10. You Won't Believe Your Eyes (Books for World Explorers)
11. Your World of Pets (Books for World Explorers Series 6, No 4)